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About us
BitFin Capital is a Cayman Islands domiciled hedge fund focused on the intersection of the emerging blockchain ecosystem and traditional economy.

Started by experienced VC investors and Internet entrepreneurs, BitFin Capital strives to provide its Limited Partners with a superior return by targeting both short term and long term opportunities in the rapidly growing crypto finance sector.
Some of our short term strategies include participating in token pre-sales, sponsoring select qualifying companies through the token crowdsale process, and capitalizing on the carefully identified arbitrage opportunities inherent to the emerging cryptoassets markets.
Our long term strategies include "buy-and-hold" of cryptoassets identified through a proprietary model and traditional VC style equity investments in select blockchain startups with the potential to grow into long lasting industry leaders.
We are not fans of long winded investments thesis and empty theory.
For the past twenty years, BitFin Capital's partners prospered through multiple economic cycles, industries and countries united by a common set of values:
1) Move fast but prudently.
2) Never lose humility in the face of success.
3) Have fun and make money for our families, partners, and clients.

Meet our team
Dmitry Ufaev
Founder, Managing Partner
Entrepreneur, VC, Geek, 3x Ironman Triathlete
20+ years C-level positions experience

Julian Zegelman
Chief Legal Officer
Corporate Attorney, Start-Up Junkie,
Father in Training (x2) and Sushi Lover

Our partners
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Investments in cryptoassets
Advisory for token crowdsale
Equity investments in startups
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